Striped Tiger and White Rabbit

2009, All the materials are collected in Vietnam such as hand-made textile, embroidery, jewelry, paper, food and plants etc.
, 14 min.



Striped Tiger and White Rabbit (シマシマ虎と白兎) | Stop-motion animation short film created with inspiration from the ethnic minority groups of Vietnam and their mythology. The materials used in the animation and the musical instruments played in the soundtrack were gathered from villages around Vietnam. The story is inspired by “Grey Tiger and White Rabbit”, an oral folktale which has been passed down from generation to generation in the Ma group since ancient times. Original soundtrack composed and performed by Christian Wellbo. “A tiger who is very hard-working and kind meets a mischievous white rabbit. The rabbit soon finds out that the tiger is growing a special fruit – which the rabbit LOVES to eat! It doesn’t take long for the rabbit to come up with a plan…”